English Language School in Wimbledon South West London

Amity College Education group today announced the formation of a new English language school in Wimbledon, South West London to exclusively provide English language courses. This clear separation of English language courses from the academic and professional programmes is expected to provide the group with a greater share of the ever-growing numbers arriving in the UK to study English in London.

English Schools in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is increasingly attracting its fair share of overseas visitors to the UK purposely to learn English. This may well explain the larger than average number of English Language Schools found in Wimbledon. Amity English School, conveniently located within the Wimbledon city centre and just minutes from the Wimbledon Train Station is proving a rather popular English language school.

Quality School of English in West Wimbledon London

International students searching for quality English Language schools in London especially in the Wimbledon and the South West London area are increasingly finding Amity English School the school of choice. This although partly attributed to our excellent location (less than 3 minutes train journey from Wimbledon Train Station) has more to do with our expertise in the provision of English Language courses.

Study English While Travelling - all Nationals

Summer Packaged Activities


If you are dreaming of combining your English studies with some sight-seeing in the UK, this program is ideal for you. Join any of our English classes for a maximum of 11 months on an Extended Student Visa. Simply take it as a holiday, so whether you prefer to go shopping or see all the local sights you can do it all.


Who can apply for the Extended Student Visitor visa?

Students of all nationalities (including non-visa nationals) who are planning to come to the UK to study an English language course between 6 and 11 months long.


What courses can be studied under the Extended Student Visitor visa?

Courses which only teach English as a foreign language.


What level of English language course will this extended student visitor visa apply to?

Students can study English language courses at any level.


How to apply?

Call now and enroll on a course: 0208 946 7655 or freephone 0800 689 9667


All our courses are competitively priced. See our prices


Test Your English Online Free

Learn English Fast With Amity

Amity English School's free online English Test tool is a great way to find out your English proficiency level. This is especially useful if you are thinking of enrolling on an English language course and don't know which level to start from. The test is comprehensive (120 questions in all) and only takes less than 40 minutes to complete although you can stop at any time and get your score. You will be graded based on your score as either one of these levels: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate or advanced (all of which are mapped to the CEFR framework). At Amity English School, we realise that it's easier to point our would-be students to take the this online English test prior to enrolling as opposed to previously when we would email the English Placement Test to them or they would come to our learning centre in Wimbledon to take it.

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