Learn English Amity Way In Wimbledon

Reasons To Learn English Amity Way


Our reputation as a quality English Language Training Provider
Our students have rated our courses and tutors highly and our good exam pass rate also illustrates the quality of our training.


The AES Approach
We have blended learning methods including multimedia to make the learning process more engaging.


Qualified and Professional Tutors
All our tutors are qualified and have practical experience in teaching English as a second language.


Facilities and Location
Library, learning facilities, and modern computer labs with access to a variety of up to date hardware & software. We are also centrally located in Wimbledon less than five minutes' walk from the Wimbledon Train Station.


Student Support Services
We have a comprehensive support and welfare structure in place to help students with any difficulties they may experience.


Affordable Course Fees
Our tuition fees are highly competitive with our pledge to save our students money whenever possible.

Our Way To Learning English


  • Experienced Teachers
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing
  • Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation


  • Tutorials
  • Collaboration
  • Personal Interests
  • Seminars
  • Multimedia


  • Individual Goals
  • Study Plan
  • Progress Tests
  • Feedback and Advice


  • Educational Trips
  • Social Events
  • Sports

When you enrol with AES to improve your English, these are some of the improvements to your English and teaching aspects that you can expect:


Levels of fluency you should achieve at each stage
when you learn English our way in Wimbledon


CEFR Level A1

You will start understanding the basics of English. You will be able to use a few words and phrases, exchange greetings, give personal information and respond to simple commands and requests.


CEFR Level A2

You will be able to communicate at a basic level of English. You will ask and answer questions and use short phrases.


CEFR Level B1

You will be able to use a limited range of language for simple communication and practical skills. You will also understand and use present, past and future tenses.


CEFR Level B2

You will be able to use the language in social and work situations. You will also be able to hold a satisfying conversation with a native speaker.


CEFR Level C1

You will be able to use a wide range of language in social and work situations. You will communicate effectively in an English-speaking environment. Able to hold a satisfying conversation with a native speaker.


CEFR Level C2

You will be able to use a full range of the language in social, work and academic situations. You will communicate effectively and fluently in an English-speaking environment.


Choose to sit for Trinity, PTE Academic or IELTS exams


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