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Documents to bring with you

Please bring the following original documents with you when you come to the UK to study at Amity College London

Proof of Identity

You will need to show proof of your identity, such as a birth certificate or passport.

Original certificates for past examinations

For some of our courses, you must show the college original certificates of exams passed and awards gained (official transcripts), or certified copies. If your  are certificates are not in English, please get a certified translation. Contact the British Embassy or High Commission in your home country for information on how to do this.

Any original offer letters from Amity College London

Bring any original letters sent to you by Amity College London, especially if they have been sent to the address where you live in your home country. This will be important when you enrol with the College. It may also be useful to prove your address in your home country, when you try to open a bank account in the UK

Other useful documents

If you have already been working in your home country, and plan to look for part-time work or work experience in the UK while you are studying, you may find it helpful to bring written references from your previous employers. If they are not in English, ask someone to translate them. Bring copies of any medical records for your doctor in the UK or diagnostic evidence for any specific learning difficulty to show the Dyslexia/ Specific Learning Difficulties Service

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