School of English attracting Au Pairs in Wimbledon Areas

Amity School of English, the English School department of Amity College is attracting more than it's fair share of Au Pairs living in the Wimbledon and surrounding areas. This comes as a pleasant surprise which the school's management attribute to the introduction of flexible time-tabling, the professionalism of the staff and above all the superb delivery of a it's wide-ranging English language courses in the classroom. The English School is set to introduce yet again a new programme this summer in the form of a Level 2 Diploma in English Communication Skills which is externally awarded by CTH, the global examining body for the Tourism & hospitality industry. The level 2 Diploma award which is equivalent to CEFR B2 aims to provide a qualification that enables students to learn English Communication contextualised for the hospitality and tourism sectors. Amity English School, according to a source close to its management, is positioning itself to be one of the top providers of English for Specific Purposes in the UK, providing industry specific English language courses to a global market.

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