ACCA Tuition Programmes

We have various programmes designed to help you become an ACCA qualified accountant with flexible entry levels which takes into account any ACCA exams you have already completed or exemptions you may have been granted.

Course Schedule

We have four intake dates (semesters) throughout the year during which students can enrol on our ACCA programmes. These programmes are scheduled to correspond with ACCA's exam dates thereby allowing students to study towards specific exam dates.

Papers F1 to F4 can be taken any time and are available by on-demand CBE i.e. can be taken online as Computer Based Exams (CBE). Subject to ACCA Exam Progression Rules


Generally, students can enrol on any paper(s) at any intake date subject to availability (Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below prescribed minimums – 6). However there is a progressive route from semester one (January to February) through to semester four (November to December) that underpins our course scheduling.


For this reason, tuition for:

  • Papers F1, F2 and F3 or two Options Module from Papers P4 to P7 are available in semester one (January to February),
  • Papers F4, F5 & F6 in semester two (April to May).
  • Papers F7, F8 and F9 in semester three (July to August).
  • Papers P1, P2 & P3 in semester four (November to December).


A student may only take a maximum of 3 papers per any given intake period (semester).


Classroom-based tutor-led tuition for each paper is of 30 hours duration, spread over 8 to 10 weeks period.


Typically, a student enrolled on:

  • a single paper may attend a 3-hour (one session) class once a week (morning, afternoon or evening - subject to availability).
  • a student taking 3 papers in one semester would typically attend a 6-hour (two session) class one day and a 3-hour (one session) class another day within the same week or
  • a 3-hour (one session) class for 3 days per week.


All class scheduling are subject to availability. Please enquire at time of booking for confirmation.


(Intake Periods)
Exam Date Duration 

Papers F1 to F4 can be taken any time and are available by on-demand CBE, that is, can be taken online as Computer Based Exams (CBE) with us - Amity College is an ACCA approved CBE centre(Subject to ACCA Exam Progression Rules)


January to February March 30 hrs per Paper
April to May June 30 hrs per Paper
July to August September 30 hrs per Paper
November to December December 30 hrs per Paper


Our Individual Tuition Paper Prices

For those with less time available to study and perhaps requiring some degree of flexibility in their mode of studies, our individual paper pricing is the best option. The price includes books and online resources from Kaplan (Study Text, Exam Kit, Exam Prep Plus, Pocket Notes, etc. worth over £160 per paper).

Accountant in Business (AB)£900.00
Management Accounting£900.00
Financial Accounting£900.00
Corporate and Business Law£1200.00
Performance Management£1200.00
Financial Reporting£1200.00
Financial Management£1200.00
Strategic Business Leader£1450.00
Strategic Business Reporting£1450.00
Advanced Financial Management£1450.00
Advanced Performance Management£1450.00
Advanced Audit & Assurance (UK or International)£1450.00


Excel - Beginners Training Course

Excel - Beginners Training Course

  Our Microsoft Excel Beginners course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Excel. No experience with MS Excel is required. Benefits of the Excel Beginners At the end of this Excel Beginners course, you will have a good working knowledge of...
Excel - Intermediate Training Course

Excel - Intermediate Training Course

  The Excel Intermediate course is designed for those who have used Excel before and want to expand their knowledge. Improving formatting, organising data, highlighting key information and creating formulas/links between sheets.   Benefits of the Excel...
Excel - Advanced Training Course

Excel - Advanced Training Course

  Our Microsoft Excel Advanced course is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of Excel who wishes to progress to the most complicated functions and features. Working knowledge of Excel or our Excel Intermediate course.  Benefits At the end of...


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