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At Amity College, we offer our students comprehensive support during their stay in London. Our office staff speaks several languages and will always be pleased to give assistance on visa applications, accommodation, airport transfer, social activities and other aspects of student life in the UK.

Students who require a visa to enter the UK to study must attend a daytime course of at least 15 hours instruction per week, prove that they are able to accommodate themselves and sustain themselves financially during their stay

Once we receive the completed application form together with the payment of all requested fees for tuition, accommodation (optional) and registration, we will send the student a 'Certificate of Enrolment' to be presented to the British Authorities.

18+ Student Oyster photocards are available to students who are aged 18 and over, and are attending a full-time course (and in certain circumstances a part-time course) at universities, colleges and schools registered on the TfL 18+ Student Oyster photocard scheme. If you are eligible you can save 30 per cent on adult Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes valid for seven days, one month or up to a year. For more information on the 18+ Student Oyster photocard scheme please visit tfl.gov.uk/fares.


The NUS Extra Cards are available to registered students who are enrolled and attending a full-time course. Who wish to enjoy as much as 25% discount on shopping in store and online, food and drink, fashion, mobile and fun activities. For more information on the NUS Extra Card please click on this link http://www.nus.org.uk/en/nus-extra



At the end of their course, we can issue the student a 'Certificate of Attendance' and/or a ‘Certificate of Achievement’, stating their progress during their studies.


Counselling Services

We provide a relaxed and friendly environment for the students to feel at home, so that they do not experience alienation in their new surroundings. The College counsellor help the students deal with study difficulties, panic attacks, isolation problem of social affiliation, social inclusion and exclusion, depression, anxiety, relationship and family problems. We seek help from professionals where ever special care and attention is needed.



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Airport Pickup Service

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Part-time work opportunities

We recognize that many of our students will want to do some part-time work while studying at the college. However the resent UKBA legislation has clearly stated that international students are not entitled to work neither up to 10 hours a week during the term, nor full-time during vacations (please refer to current regulations as it depends on the policies of Home Office).



Social programmes

Students are encouraged to set up social groups and join together to create shared experiences. The College regularly arranges tours to attractions and historic monuments for interested students.


Initial Assessment Process

When you first start on your journey to a qualification or improving your skills and knowledge we will initially carry out an assessment. This will tell us if you need any additional support with your course, special access to the premises, assistance with using a computer because of a disability, or even a little more time than usually required. This assessment will be confidential.


Competitive fees

Amity College has competitive fees, which are significantly lower than those at most UK universities, so you will benefit from high-quality teaching at a reasonable cost.


Comprehensive Information Before Enrolment

We will send you comprehensive information before you leave home, so that you can prepare for your studies in good time.


Teaching Methods

We aim to create variety in the learning process, with teaching comprising of lectures, seminars and workshops. This encourages you to take an active role in your studies, through supervised discussions, debates and presentations.


Small Class Sizes

In order to ensure that you can participate fully and actively in your class, the maximum number of students in each class is limited. This gives you the very best opportunity to fulfil your potential.


Contact Time

We offer comparatively high class contact time, with 15-18 hours teaching a week, so you will have all of the information you need to complete your programme successfully.


Personal Tutors

We care about each of our students, and strive to build strong student-staff relationships. You are assigned a personal tutor on starting your programme who will provide individual assistance and monitor your academic progress on a regular basis. Our lecturers are happy to meet you on an appointment basis to resolve any academic challenges you may be facing.


English Language Support

In addition to our formal English language programmes, we run extra English support classes, tailored to individual needs. Our teaching methodologies encourage a self-help approach to the learning process, and allow you to apply the knowledge you gain to your future studies.


One-To-One Career Support

The goal of all our students is a successful future career, and so our careers service offers you a range of workshops focusing on CVs, interview skills and job applications. In addition you will benefit from one-to-one career guidance sessions focusing on your individual part-time and graduate career aspirations.


Revision Classes

We recognize that you will face challenging, and often unfamiliar, forms of assessment after your lectures. To help you maximize your grades, we offer comprehensive revision practice. We will also coach you in the skills required to complete your coursework successfully and in examination techniques. This will improve your confidence and ability when facing final assessment.

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