Web Guidelines at Amity College

The Amity College public web site (www.amitycollege.co.uk) is one of the college's most important marketing tools. These web standards serve to maintain and enhance the image of Amity College and ensure that, as with traditional printed materials, all officially produced information published electronically is accurate and consistently presented. The primary audience of the Amity College public web site is prospective students. The site also has sections for alumni and prospective students.


College Communications has developed a design for the public Web site that is consistent with the college's marketing campaign. This design has established colors, fonts and navigation that allow for users to easily move through the site. Colors, fonts and navigation cannot be changed. Requests to add pages to the official site must be approved by College Communications in order to protect the navigational structure of the site.


Every department of the college should have one person designated to oversee their sections of the web site. These content managers will be responsible for making sure information on the page is accurate and up-to-date.


Content managers will receive access to their pages through the college's webmaster. Content changes to pages must be approved by the webmaster before they are made live to ensure that they are free of factual and typographical errors and that all links on the page work properly.


These web guidelines apply to all pages on the public web site.


Review Process

It is important that all pages on the public web site be accurate and free of typographical errors. For that reason, every page posted on the public web site must be reviewed by the college webmaster before the page is made live.


When a department submits a web site for review, the webmaster will:

  • Edit the page to ensure that appropriate messages are included, that there are no factual or typographical errors and that all links on the page work as desired
  • Correct small errors and make the page live
  • Return the page to the content manager if major errors are detected


In cases of major changes, approval must be sought from the Principal prior to going live.


Most pages can be made live in 24 hours or less (Monday-Friday) if there are no major corrections needed, but it may take longer for larger sites and multiple changes.


Content managers are encouraged to become familiar with the Web guidelines details which will be sent to them when they request a web presence.

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