Confirmation of Your Document Request

Your request has been successfully sent to the Administration Team and a copy sent to the email address which you provided. Thank you!


Please Note:

  • If you require any additional letters or if you want us to make any alterations to given letters then there will be a charge of £10.
  • If you lose your Student ID Card there is a charge of £10 for a replacement
  • You will not be issued any documents if you come to see us during your lecture times

Allow AT LEAST 3 working days for your documents to be processed.

Documents will be posted to your home address.

Outstanding tuition fees or Attendance below 80%

If you have any outstanding tuition fees or have attendance below 80%, then you will not be eligible for any documents. You can only request for documents once you have cleared any outstanding payments and maintain your attendance percentage which should be 80 % and above.



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