The Office of College Communications will assist your department with the planning, development and writing of brochures, newsletters and other publications. If your publication must be printed off site, the office will assist in finding the best price at a local printer. To ensure the success of your project, please notify us at least six (6) weeks prior to the time the publication is needed. Working with College Communications in the development of printed materials ensures the publications will meet with the standards and guidelines established to maintain the college's image.


The College Communications Office provides consistency of information and style and ensures that public information about Amity College is:

  • Clear, concise and accurate
  • Meets the requirements of college
  • Reflects the stated image and priorities of the college.


Regardless of whether you use Colege Communications to develop your materials, all publications geared toward external audiences must get written approval from College Communications before printing. 

An online publication approval form can be found here: Publications Approval Form (pdf)
Request services by submitting a College Communications Service Request Form.

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