Photography Services

Photography services are by appointment and can be provided for classroom activities, events, performances and portraits. With only one photographer, scheduling can be a problem, so advance notice will help ensure your request can be met.  Please provide at least two (2) weeks notice prior to your scheduled event/photo session. All photography is digital and can often remain in the digital format, lowering cost to your budget.  It is very important to know the intended use of your photographs to insure an appropriate image resolution. Images intended for web page use or computer presentations do not require the same resolution as images destined for printing. Images copied from web pages ARE NOT suitable for printed publications. If you are aware of a particular image you would like to use for a printed project, please call to obtain a high resolution version of the image appropriate for the intended output.

If reprints can be requested. If photographs need to be reviewed, a web-based photo gallery can be used without the need for printed proofs. AMITY Photo Gallery

After completion of the photography session: Photographs will be included in the online photo gallery. Photo prints can also be ordered from the College Communications. Most prints are produced by an outside vendor.

Contact College Communications to schedule an appointment or to order prints by submitting a Communications Service Request Form.

college talent release form (doc) is available to be completed by any identifiable person that appears on a video or a picture prior to its use.

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